Coronavirus Update:
With schools closed, it is not possible to actually visit colleges; however, most schools do offer virtual visits and have admissions staff working remotely to answer your questions via email. A few popular virtual tours are linked below. You can also check out sites like, or to see student videos of the campus and student life.

Click here to see the colleges visiting us.

During the school year, college representatives will visit our campus during the school day for informative sessions with students.Students may sign up in the College & Career Center to attend a college visit or other information session. Please make informed decisions on whether the school is a fit for you based on GPA, testing requirements, and your interests. College & Career volunteers can help you with this!  Teacher approval must be granted in advance for students to miss class in order to attend a college visit.  For students unable to attend a college visit, a copy of the presentation information, along with the recruiter’s contact information is maintained in the College & Career Center.  

Questions to Ask Visiting College Representatives 

 As you listen to the college rep, think “is this school right for me?”.  What information do you need to make an informed decision? It is a good idea to do a little research before you arrive to avoid asking questions that are clearly answered on their school website homepageDelve a little deeper and ask thoughtful question.  With that in mind, we compiled a list of questions to research before the visit or to make sure you get answered during your information session 
  • Application deadlines? When is the priority deadline for financial aid applications? Fee waivers? 
  • Tuition? Total cost of attendance including room and board?  
  • For outofstate public schools: Could I qualify for in-state or discounted tuition? Academic Common Market? 
  • What is the average high school GPA/ACT/SAT of the entering freshman class?  
  • Is the ACT or SAT required? How important are standardized test scores for admission? 
  • What are the most important admission criteria?
  • Do you accept Advanced Placement courses (or IB credits)?  
  • How long does it take for most students to graduate?  If >4 years, why? 
  • When must I choose a major? Do you have to declare a major when you apply? 
  • What percentage of freshman return sophomore year?
  • How do you assign faculty advisers to students, especially those undecided about their majors? 
  • Do you offer early decision or early action Does that increase odds for admission or scholarships? 
  • How easy is it for freshmen to get classes?  
  • What’s the largest class on campus?  What are the most popular majors?  
  • What types of internships or co-op opportunities are available?  
  • What study abroad opportunities are availableHow many students study abroad? 
  • Student:faculty ratio? Do graduate assistants teach classes? How accessible are professors? 
  • What academic services are offered to students (tutoring, career counseling, study skills workshops)?  
  • How many students received financial aid?  What types of scholarships are available?  
  • What are the most popular extra-curricular activities on campus?  sporting events 
  • How important is Greek life on campus? Do you offer Living Learning Communities?  
  • Are freshmen allowed to bring a car? Is a car recommended?  Transportation options? How easy is it easy to get around for errands or to go home?  
  • Are students required to live on campus?  Is housing guaranteed for freshmen? Upperclassmen 
  • How does the meal plan work?