Scholarships and grants are FREE MONEY. Unlike loans, they will not need to be repaid! 

HOPE programs are consist of six scholarship and grant programs with distinct eligibility requirements, award amounts and requirements. These scholarships are NOT based on financial need and can only be used toward tuition.  They will not cover books, mandatory fees, room and board, etc. 

HOPE Scholarship:

  • can be used at most Georgia technical colleges, 2 year colleges or 4 year colleges
  • covers 70-85% of the current tuition cost only  
  • cannot be taken out of state
  • to qualify, you must have a qualifying GPA in core classes (Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Foreign Languages) as determined by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC).  
  • HOPE is tied to Georgia lottery revenue and the exact percentage of tuition that HOPE covers has been declining in recent years.