Many websites, books, apps, and highly paid consultants provide students with college information. With so many resources to consider, it can feel overwhelming! Try to keep it simple.

  • Consider variables that are important to you (examples: cost, location, size, focus, gender mix, social climate of school, diversity of student body geographically, racially, economically, field of study, extra curricular activities).
  • Do a few college searches through websites such as Big Future, College Data, College Confidential or Cappex. Or use Naviance, an extensive online college preparation tool provided to our students by Fulton County Schools.
  • Attend informational sessions in the Centennial CCC.
  • Create a list of schools that meet your needs and interests, including ones that may not admit you based on your SAT/ACT scores and GPA as well as schools that are very likely to admit you.
  • Visit some colleges to compare size and campus culture, if possible.
  • By senior year, narrow your list of schools you definitely want to apply to, and know whether you want to apply early action, early decision or regular decision.  KNOW YOUR APPLICATION DEADLINES!
  • Talk with other students and parents who have been through the process.  Contact us with any remaining questions!